Morehead Speed Works specializes in the maintenance, modification, and repair of performance vehicles.  
We’re racers too and know what works and what doesn’t.  Contact us today and see you at the track!

We can build you a fast, safe, and legal race car or track day car from the ground up.
Check out just a small sample of the work we do:

Chassis & Body:

  • Structural reinforcements
  • Weight loss and install lightweight parts
  • Aerodynamic aids
  • Roll Cage Installation

Suspension & Brakes:

  • Coilover installation and setup
  • Bushing replacements and upgrades
  • Corner balancing and race alignments
  • Big brake kits, upgraded components
  • Upgraded control arms


  • Intake and exhaust manifold modifications
  • Maintenance and repair to problem areas
  • Cooling system overhauls and upgrades
  • Race reliability enhancements


  • Clutch and flywheel replacement
  • Shift kits and clutch lines
  • BMW shift pin servicing
  • Differential and LSD upgrades
  • CV joint servicing and replacement

Safety & Driver:

  • SFI & FIA Certified seats and mounts
  • Harness and Net installation
  • Fire system installation
  • Driver cooling (fans, cooling shirts, vents)

Electrical & Data Systems:

  • Data logging system configurations
  • Digital dashes and timing systems
  • Transponders and 2-way radio setups
  • Gauges and sensor installations
  • Lights, switches, and other wiring

We can also do normal maintenance and servicing of your daily driver or tow rig as well.

Morehead Speed Works offers great deals to racers on a wide selection of parts, supplies, gear for both car and driver.  Let us be your personal speed shop!